Cherry Walk Rehabilitation Project Fundraising Campaign

The Frederick W. Vanderbilt Garden Association, Inc. is undertaking a major project in the formal gardens. We are renovating the garden area along the upper perennial walk. This is known as “The Cherry Walk” for the rows of Amanogawa and Okame cherry trees on each side of the walk. This renovation is taking place to bring this garden area closer to the historic look of the gardens during the time of Frederick Vanderbilt in the 1930’s.

Cherry Walk pre-rehabilitation

Our volunteers will dig up the perennials in front of the stone wall on either side of the walk, and they will be potted up to be sold at our Memorial Day Weekend Plant Sale and our September Fall Festival to support the ongoing efforts in the gardens. We will add soil amendments and in 2014 we will plant the varieties indicated in the Cherry Walk plan contained in the Olmsted report.

In 2013, a row of hydrangea and Rose of Sharon will be planted between the Amanogawa and Okame cherry trees on each side of the walk; the low stone wall that runs along either side of the walk will undergo repairs for crumbling stone; and new metal edging will be installed along the walk.

The volunteer, not-for-profit FWVGA is not government subsidized and must fund the over $21,000 Cherry Walk project on its own. We are pursuing grants and we have received donations specifically for the Cherry Walk. Your donation will help support this major renovation.
We hope you will visit the gardens to see this project in action. If you are able to help us financially with this project, please visit our donation page. All donations are tax-deductible.

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