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History of the Vanderbilt Estate and Garden

The landscape, views and gardens make the F. W. Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site a very special place. All of these elements have their roots in the colonial years of the Hudson River Valley and have been beautifully preserved through the early 20th century. The history of how this estate came to be reflects the history of the United States from its earliest days to the height of the "gilded age". People with vision, scientific curiosity and great wealth have all contributed to this jewel and, thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt, everyone can enjoy it for many years to come. 



All information in Estate History sourced from:

Cultural Landscape Report for the Vanderbilt Mansion Formal Gardens

Prepared by Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation,

Boston National Historical Park

Charlestown Navy Yard, Quarters C

Boston, MA  02129


Published January, 2012

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